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The Guardians by Merystic The Guardians by Merystic
I know I said I'd stop with the furry art...obviously, I lied...

The Guardians from the days of yore.
Ember Wolf, guardian of fire, left = my character
Rainbow Bird, guardian of water, middle = 's character
Fox Blade, guardian of earth (I guess), right = Celeste's character

Look Amy look look see what I did looka me! :D

PS. That was my first graffiti ever. But you can't see it so I'm putting just that part in the scraps if you wanna see it. It says "Chosen"
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lukashikabuto Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2005
:D cool!! :D
Yosho18 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2005
I love all the art you post furrie, horrible cute, kick ass or other wise,and i would like to see more star wars art if i might put the request in. Also they say that a character that you create has a little bit of the artist in them, yours does reflect you just a wee bit, and Celeste's character strangely reflects her personality kind of. Great Art as always sis keep it up.:thumbsup:
PangaeaRunes Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2005
Awesomeness itself. Looooooooove the furries! :love:
Merystic Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2005
Thanks! It's so weird, some people are like "I love furries" and other people are like "I f'ing hate furries they aren't art" I still draw them, now and then...that's probably why I draw so many different genres and styles (overall), because I want everyone to like at least one of my works :blush:
PangaeaRunes Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2005
And how could they not??? You're really good, I aspire to be able to make stuff like you already can some day.....until then, I'll enjoy gazing at your material and dreaming! :)
AmyTheSpiritSeeker Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist


*makes various other excited fangirl noises*

It's so...plootiful! I love ploo! :hug: :love:

This is so exceptionally kickass! must...make....cafepress tshirt.... This is great! This is MORE than great! *excited spasms*
Merystic Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2005
I'm glad you like it!
The Guardians are fun to draw...the stat sheet you sent me and the icon you did really made me want to draw them...when I did it though it was at home so I didn't have the internet working...the stats you sent me may be a little wonky. Me still like ^__^
Think I'll probably do more of the Guardians, even if it's just scraps
AmyTheSpiritSeeker Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, looks close enough to the stats to me!

:hug: So freakin' AWESOME! *gazes at it for another hour*
Protesting-Ham Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2005
I love all of their expressions! The coloring is beautiful! They all have that look like they are saying "That's right. I can take you."
So pretty! I love it!
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February 6, 2005
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